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"Introducing Our All-in-One SEO Link-Building and Content Creation Club that will help propel Your BCN Website To the Top of The Search Engines and give you an edge over your Competitors! - For Just £4.99* Per Month"  (*special subsidized price for BCN/BIHA members)

Are you an ambitious bouncy castle hire company, and a BCN customer looking for a lot more customers? Do you need a "piggy-back" with your ongoing content-writing, SEO back-links and social media posting, so you can get on with running your hire business?  If so, then you have come to the right place! You're going to be amazed at how our new Club can help your business.

Fees are just £4.99 per month. No contract. Fully 100% tax deductible. (Save money on your marketing spend by reducing your PPC ads & Facebook Ads) 

 Reserve your geographical area before all your competitors do! First-come-first-served. Please book your place in the Club early to avoid disappointment! We can't help everyone!

Short video describing how SEO works in a nutshell.

From the Desk of Mark Jerram: BIHA Founder, Professional SEO Technician, High-Authority Backlink Finder & Content Writer.

Dear Bouncy Castle Hire Company,

We love the jobs you hate!

You have a gorgeous BCN booking system website, and you know that you should be spending several hours each month updating it to rank higher in Google (and above your competitors!) - but let's face it, writing regular content, claiming those all-important high authority SEO backlinks and posting regularly on your social-media platforms isn’t exactly your idea of fun and games!

Fortunately for you, we can provide you with 150+ high-authority websites (that have agreed to link to your website) and then an additional 8 high-quality backlinks each month, and 4 pieces of website content for BCN customers.  This content is in the format of news or blog posts for your website and memes for your social media pages, at an extremely affordable price. Ongoing, continuous great content and high-quality backlinks all year round is the key to unlocking the true potential of your BCN website. We all know that a high-ranking website results in more enquiries and bookings for you - and helps you rank above your competitors!

We do the really tedious "grunt" work for you - leaving you to focus on what you enjoy doing - hiring out inflatables and making your customers happy!

We also carry out a thorough SEO AUDIT of your BCN website to see what little changes and tweaks can be made to help it to instantly rank higher.  

When you first join the Club for £4.99 per month, we will also give you 150+ "high authority" websites and then an additional 8 websites each month that are happy to give you powerful, safe, natural backlinks to your website. Each backlink will only take you around 5 minutes to claim and connect, and 90%+ are completely free of charge.

Our SEO and Content Club is strictly for BCN customers only (and BIHA members in good standing) and is a very affordable £4.99 per month, fully 100% tax deductible, and with no contract.

We currently help around 100 BCN customers with their SEO link-building and content writing (some since 2014) - and have decided to roll the service out to more BCN customers who need higher rankings in Google, and want to spend a lot less time tied to their computer, and/or spending endless money on PPC ads or Facebook Ads etc.

Membership to this unique club will be your secret "weapon" to help you get more customers from the internet as a result of starting to rank above your competitors!


Reserve your geographical area before your competitors do. First-come-first-served. Please book your place in the Club for £4.99 per month early to avoid disappointment! We can't help everyone!

What we do for you for just £4.99 per month

  • REGULAR CONTENT FOR YOUR WEBSITE: We would supply you with 4 pieces of generic content each month for you to add to your website (e.g. blog posts and news posts etc.) You just need to spend 5 minutes changing some of the wording to make it more personal to your own business.  (N.B. For an extra fee - we can also suppy you with additional ad-hoc BESPOKE content on your request that will be 100% unique content customized to your business)
  • BACKLINKS TO YOUR WEBSITE: We supply you with 150+ "high-authority" websites and then 8 extra websites each month through our PRIVATE Facebook Group where you can get high-quality and trustworthy backlinks from, mostly completely free of charge! (including instructions as to exactly how you can claim and connect your backlinks from each website!) 
  • POSTS FOR YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES: We would supply you with content (4 stunning images, memes and text each month) for you to post on your social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business (GMB), Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.
  • Private Facebook Group and a Private Whatsapp Group. 

We also carry out a thorough SEO AUDIT of your BCN website to see what little changes and tweaks can be made to your website in order to help it to almost instantly rank better in Google.

We are delighted to also include a social media posting service FREE OF CHARGE within each plan.  Have you been neglecting posting on your social media?  We supply you with the graphics and memes and you just need to post them (with your company logo on them to your Social Media Pages. 

Here's a few examples of social media posts and memes that we give you each month for you to post on your social media pages.

See below some more examples in thumbnail format. We have several hundred of these social posts (memes) that you can add to your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, Linked In, Pinterest etc.

*Mark Jerram began his SEO and content writing career in 2011 helping small businesses (especially bouncy castle hire companies) rank their website higher up the Google rankings.

The following year, 2012, he won an award for outstanding SEO, and gave a short speech at an awards ceremony held at the Hilton Hotel Reading, Berkshire in front of over 100 people.

(The award was presented by Mr Nick James of nick-james.com and the  internetmarketingtrainingclub.com  (Nick is one of the leading online entrepreneurs in the UK)

Mark Jerram won the award in recognition of him creating numerous websites for local UK business owners and getting them ranked high up in Google (often in the number one spot).

Mark can be contacted on 07880 – 540201

Here's a reminder of the various Club benefits that we offer (in detail):

  • Ongoing SEO advice to help you rank your website higher in Google.
  • We give you 150+ high-authority websites including an additional 8 websites each month that are happy to give you a powerful free backlink to you own website.
  • We find keywords for you that Google absolutely love. 
  • You get 4 quality blog posts (news posts) each month focused around a particular keyword phrase.
  • You get at least 4 images and memes each month that you can post on your social media pages to help increase engagement (e.g you can post them to your Facebook page, your GMB listing and your Instagram page)
  • Private Facebook Group and a private WhatsApp Group.
  • Advice and help on how to optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing.
  • Free Rank Tracking so that you can monitor your position in Google for a wide range of keyword phrases.
  • Free copy of my book "How to Get your Bouncy Castle Website on Top of Google"  (ebook version) Coming soon.

Just £4.99 per month. No contract. Fully 100% tax deductible.

(Strictly for BCN Customers only. Please do NOT waste our time or yours by setting up a Direct Debit if you are NOT a BCN customer.  Thanks)

SOCIAL PROOF:  This is where you can read testimonials (both written and video reviews) and case-studies of people who we have helped with their SEO and content writing (some since 2012)

Some written testimonials and video reviews

"Mark Jerram got my website ranking number 1 on Google".  www.aladdinscaveentertainments.co.uk

I run a leaflet delivery company in Hampshire. I asked Mark Jerram to help me get my website (the-extra-mile.co.uk) ranking at the top Google. Within a couple of months my site was ranking number 2 in Google for “Leaflet distribution Hampshire” and number 4 for “Leaflet distribution Berkshire”. I am very pleased.


Mark Jerram got our website ranking number 1 on page 1 for the keyword phrase "Bouncy Castle Hire Wakefield" 

- Geri Gorton MD of www.chrisscastles.co.uk

"Mark Jerram got my website from ranking on page 79 of Google to ranking #1 on page one. Well pleased!  Ben.  Bounce Buddies.

Success stories (case studies) of websites that we have helped to get higher up in the Google Rankings - including proof! 

Abouncycastles in Chelmsford approached us for help in getting his website to perform better in Google for not only Chelmsford (Essex) but also the local towns in his catchment area.  The results speak for themselves.

Andy from Big Bounce Bouncy Castles (based in Devon) came to us last year wanting help getting his website to page one of Google.  It had been stuck on page 2 and page 3 because originally he set up his business in Berkshire (where he was ranking well).  Getting him to also rank highly in the various towns in Devon was quite challenging - but with additional content and more quality backlinks - this was achieved within about 2 - 3 months.

Liam apprached us for help in getting his website ultimatepartyhireonline.co.uk ranking at the top of Google for his local towns of Brigg, Scunthorpe and Gainsborough.  We achieved it for the first 2 towns but the 3rd one just needs a bit more content and backlinking to reach the coveted # 1 spot.

Mark from The BCM approached us in 2018 and wanted to be number 1 in Google for his chosen keyword phrases.  Below you will see that we almost achieved that with lots of #1 rankings.

Bounceaboutcastlehire contacted us for help in getting their rankings up in the search engines. As you can see below, their rankings are mostly number 1. 

Geri called us in 2018 wanting our help to get her website ranking higher. As you can see, the results of our SEO work is very pleasing.

Costa from Tubs4fun contacted us in early 2019 wanting some assistance with getting some higher rankings in the search engines.  We provided him with some backlinks and some SEO ideas and his rankings are now excellent.

Mitchell contacted us in 2014 and wanted help getting his website ranking higher in one of the most fiercely competitative regions of the UK.  Below you can see the very pleasing results.

Jason who is a self-employed car welder by trade contacted me because he needed help getting his website ranking better in Google, because previously it was not ranking anywhere.  After a few tweaks to his website including some backlinks and content he is now ranking number 1 in Google for his 2 main keyword phrases.  Car Welding Bracknell and Car Welding Wokingham, and as a result is getting a lot more customers. (I also got his other website rankin #1 in Google for Maidenhead - a large town in Berkshire)

exclusively for customers of:

Our SEO Link-Building & Content Club also reduces your marketing costs - especially your PPC costs and your Facebook Ads cost.

Call or Text Mark Jerram on 07880 - 540201 for more info

Reserve your geographical area today for just £4.99 per month before all your competitors do. First-come-first-served. Please book your place in the Club early to avoid disappointment! We can't help everyone!







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